The brand was established by Gabor Kodolanyi and Katalin Halasz in 2009.

We are dedicated to industrial design and small series production. Following this concept we design furniture, lamps and accessories that are sold online. We resist any cathegorization on our style and freely design shapes based exclusively on our experiences. Our intention is to keep the personal tone that describes the small series and to preserve the joy of creation. We manage all the production with taking extra care to the latest tiny detail.


Gabor Kodolanyi, Institut of Applied Arts MSc degree Sopron, Hungary 2009

Industrial shapes, outlines and elements inspired by the countryside living like maize exec, fan grille or a wheelbarrow appear quite often in my work that is inspired by my childhood memories and travels. I find the reinterpretation of simple objects and reposition them into a luxurious environment a very exciting design challenge. They can be seen from a brand new angle if we invest time and energy to seek for their essential appearance and team the shape with sophisticated and refined material and finishes like cloth, powder coated surfaces and solid ash wood.

walk on the alley

the person

I spent my childhood years in Keszthely, a small town by the Lake Balaton.

The famous Festetics Palace is located here but for me the most important was the Georgikon Agricultural Museum. As a child I walked many times between the walls of the palace and got lost sometimes for days in the courtyard of the museum amazed by the maize exec, coach house or period tools. In the afternoons I liked taking long walks in the Festetics alley that seemed boundless. I quite often stoped by the ancient Roman ruins of Pelso located in the end of the alley where time was flying as I observed the ornaments and was mesmerised by the nightfall over the silent water of the lake.

the aim

Buying our products you contribute to make our aim real and give a life to our charming plan.

Beside the creation our aim is to establish an intellectual and production focused centre that can be a platform for designers and for everybody who is interested in design. Where production capacity, material samples, equipments, highly experienced professionals are available in large scale, designers and visitors can be hosted and quality time can be offered. This program would be free of charge because we value the highest the meaningful discussions and exciting conversations. This place would be an excellent and also free of charge location for design students to spend their internship period. We already found the perfect location for this centre that is a small farm house with a stunning barn dates back to the early 20th century that we fell in love with at first sight.